Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Jacket thrifted, Shirt thrifted, Jeans thrifted, Shoes thrifted, Clutch target

Good Morning!
Is this not the most outrageous jacket you have ever seen?!? And what's even more outrageous is the fact that I found it at the goodwill...for $8!!! Say what?!? My whole outfit is in fact all from the goodwill, minus the clutch.
Ladies, I have said this before but I must say it again, thrifting is like a treasure hunt and if you go on a good day, it is a gold mine!! You can find the items that you drool over for the upcoming season second hand and for a much more affordable price tag!! You have to have a good imagination to picture these items in the midst of other not so drool worthy pieces, but once you do and you pair it with your other items, no one will ever know that you found it second hand. However if your like me you'll want to tell the world about your glorious treasure find.
Growing up I remember being made fun of because I wore clothes from a thrift store, I would come home crying and feeling bad about it, but I remember my Grandma telling me that "they are missing out," and I always wondered if she meant that they were missing out on being friends with me or that they were missing out on how great thrift shopping can be and the clothes that they could find! Whichever it was, I agree with her! Although being friends with me is pretty great ;) Getting over the "stigma" of second hand shopping will allow you to share in the bounty that is thrifting!! I'm pretty sure we are no longer in a day where there is a stigma attached to it, but if your reading this and still feel that way, I say go forth and thrift!! There are treasures waiting for you!!
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Gabrielle Logan said...

That jacket is amazing!! Such a great find.

Nancy said...

The jacket is a perfect statement piece...great way to recycle it. :)