Monday, March 18, 2013

debt free milestone

Shirt goodwill, Skirt closet sale, Shoes ross, Belt forever 21, Lips mac-snob

This weekend the husband and I had a celebration dinner for a little milestone...paying off our (my) last credit card! We are now officially debt free!! Woohoo! It took some time and patience but we did it! We read financial books by Dave Ramsey when we first got married and it has helped us a lot with our finances. It feels really great to be in charge of our money instead of the other way around. And even though it may not always be a lot of money, we make the best of it and make it work for us.
I bought this skirt recently at a friends closet sale, and decided to pair it with this satin t-shirt I found at the goodwill. Tonight I tried rolling the sleeves for a different feel and I really like the look that it creates. The underside of the shirt is matte, so it created different textures and also gave a casual element to the skirt and heels.

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