Wednesday, January 30, 2013

working with fits

Sweater goodwill, Jeans paige denim, Boots forever 21, Necklace gift (vintage), Lips mac-snob

The interesting thing about buying expensive denim is that you have to buy it in a smaller size than you usually buy. For instance, this pair, I love! But I bought them in the size that I usually purchase at any shop you find in the mall. However, I like my pants super skinny and these fit slightly looser. I found this out when I bought my next pair of expensive denim, I went a size down and although it was slightly difficult getting them over the ole hips in the change room, they fit me a lot tighter and closer to the fit that I usually look for. So with that being said, I have these beautiful floral print pants that I spent a lot of money on but that are not my usual fit of pant. So to style them up I had to work them a little different. I find that with a looser fit pant I like to cuff them higher at the bottom. I think the change in length helps to make the loose fit look intentional instead of a mis-communication in sizing. Especially with a heel, a looser pant can be just as current and stylish as the skinny jean that I usually am in.

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