Monday, January 21, 2013


Sweater thrifted, Pants gift(zara), Boots h&m, Necklace forever 21

Good Morning!!
These are my last batch of pictures from our time in Canada. Putting them up this morning makes me miss my family!
I'm feeling very sentimental this morning for some reason, thinking about life and happiness. I try to do a lot in life that will make me happy, surrounding myself with people that up-lift and inspire me, diving into passions that make me come alive. Finding God in my day to day life. I find that in these sentimental moments I feel myself inspired to do something. To reach outside of my routine and make something happen. Not quite sure what that thing is this morning, but at least I know that I feel something tugging on my heart...
I hope you are all having a great weekend!
Thanks for reading

Photo's by Lisa


lacie* said...

Your hometown is so beautiful Lana! I really like these pictures; great contrast of your outfit against the snow!

leah mari said...

so pretty there and i love your camo pants!