Monday, November 19, 2012

holiday excitement

Shirt forever 21 (similar here), Pants pac sun, Boots forever 21, Necklace inpink

I am so in love with this color (burgundy). If someone has it on in a room I am instantly drawn to it. It made it to my fall/winter essentials list and I can easily see why. I've recently ordered some skinny jeans in the color and have seen a girl wearing a beanie in this shade that I have bookmarked in my mind to keep a look out for. As I said before, I am craving it in all shapes and sizes, as long as it comes in this festive shade!

On another note, I love that this week is Thanksgiving. We plan on having dinner with Chris' family and a few friends. I plan on stuffing my face with mashed potatoes, turkey and pumpkin pie. I have been put on corn casserole duty, so we'll see how that turns out. I also will be trying my hand at making a pumpkin pie, which will be a first. I am looking forward to it!!
We have made it a tradition to pull names for our secret santa gift between the kids on Thanksgiving, which I so look forward to because it some how marks the beginning of Christmas shopping!! Chris and I will be putting up our tree the day after thanksgiving and hopefully tagging along with the family for a trip up into the mountains for a day in the snow. So if you can't tell already, I am looking forward for this week to go by fast!!!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Hope you have a wonderful week, leading up to this glorious holiday!!

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leah mari said...

Well you look great in burgundy!