Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sweater goodwill, Shirt forever 21, Necklace target, Jeans pac sun, Boots h&m, Glasses gift(american eagle)

One of the things that has been on my wish list lately is big chunky glasses. I have been looking at warby parker and even ordered an at home try on set (or maybe two sets!) and I think that I have found the pair that I will be putting on my Christmas list. These glasses however, I also love!! A sweet friend of mine bought them for me after I had complimented her on her own pair. I love the tortoise finish and the shape of the frame. Although they are not prescription I can still add them to my wardrobe and use them to nerd-up an outfit. They definitely add a special kind of interest and a little something extra to an ensemble.

Speaking of Christmas lists, I thought I would share a little helpful hint that my family has started doing for creating our Christmas lists. Go to myregistry.com (ya, you know, that place you go to to register for wedding and baby stuff) and create a Christmas list. You get to add a button to your tabs and when you see an item online that you want, its like pinterest, you simple hit the button and add the item to your registry! Brilliant. All us kids have one in Chris' family and it's so helpful to see what they are all wanting! So there you go, try it out and let me know how it goes!!

28 days till Christmas!!


Kelly Meeks said...

Love this, those glasses are so cute on you too!

Lana said...

Thanks Kelly!! I am totally into BIG frames right now!!

leah mari said...

It's outfit is super cute and that bun and glasses love them!