Monday, September 17, 2012


Shirt forever 21, Jeans the goodwill (diy distressed), Shoes spring, Necklace suzy shier

Huraay Peplum!! So proud to be the owner of my first peplum. Do you ever have those items that you dream about being in your closet, you search and search to find the perfect one until one day, there it is and you snatch it up in all its glory and bring it home and nestle it into your closet, whispering softly "welcome home?" Well ok maybe I am getting a little carried away, but I do love the feeling of finding something on my wish list and finally being able to add it to my list of outfit options!
So here it is, my peplum! Its berry hue is one of great fall pleasure and pairing it with a boyfriend jean was the first thing that I wanted to do with it. It's half part girly/feminine half part edgy/grunge and with a heel I'm feeling more "big city" than ever!
Happy Monday everyone!!
Hope its a good one

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Style Outlaw said...

I know what you mean lol I love to find pieces that no one else has, I love your shoes very cute.