Friday, June 15, 2012


Jacket h&m, Pants pac sun, Shoes kohls, Lips show orchid

These pictures are from our trip to Southern California. One night we went out for dinner in the Gas-Lamp in San Diego. To be honest, after taking these pictures and walking a block looking for a restaurant to eat at, I shamelessly removed my heels and switched to sandals. My heel kept slipping out the back, my blister from the shoes the day before was hurting and I was overheating from a day in the sun, all a combination that made walking in these heels feel impossible that night. Once heels and jacket were removed and I was able to sit down and drink some water, I begun to regain my sanity!! Like I said, we like to run ourselves thin on our vacations...all for the greater good!!

On another note, I had such an amazing birthday yesterday!!! The whole day I felt loved on by my boss at work, who took me out for lunch and excitedly expressed to everyone that we saw that it was my birthday! I was then picked up by Chris who brought me home to get ready for his surprise for me that he had been working on for weeks. First I was taken for appetizers at a restaurant in town with the most amazing views! Then as I sat with my eyes closed, Chris drove me to our next "restaurant." He told me we were going on a food tour. I was completely thrown off when we got out of the car and he carried me to our next location and opened my eyes to all of my friends in our parents back yard!! Chris and our friend Jordan had prepared our own personal wine tasting, there were 5 different wines paired perfectly with each appetizer, created and cooked by our dear friend!! The night was perfect, the weather, the people, I was in heaven, surrounded by so many people that I loved!! My amazing friend Leah brought her camera to take pictures, which in and of itself was a gift to me, to have someone take pictures without me having to ask!!
I felt so loved and my heart was so full!!! Thank you everyone who was a part of my day, and thank you Chris for loving me so well. I will never forget this day!! Pictures of the evening to come!!!

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leah mari said...

Haha yeah vacations are not meant for heels hehe but you look great either way!! :) soon I will have those pictures to you :)