Thursday, June 7, 2012


Day two on our excursion landed us in Balboa Park in San Diego. Ok this place is beautiful!! I could live in this park thank you very much. I felt like I was somewhere else in the world, the architecture and landscaping were breath taking! But speaking of somewhere else, I have three words for you, international-food-festival!! The one day of the year that this festival happens is the one day that we decide to go to the park. It was incredible, such a pleasant surprise. If you were to plan a trip down south just around this one day, it would be worth it. We walked into the park and were greeted with the smells of something amazing cooking, there were venders from every nation. We walked past all of them very slowly, eyeing their goods, trying to decide which ones we wanted to try. Food is probably one of my love languages, so I was in happy town by this point and we had only just stepped into the park. Once we had devoured our spoils we ventured out to see what else was awaiting us in this beautiful wonderland. I knew the one building that I wanted to see, it was the botanical building in the last picture. I had seen this when looking up Balboa park before our trip had even began and I loved it!! It was so cool, to be able to stand where we had only been looking at pictures on our computer screen before. Chris and I discussed how living here would bring date night up to a whole new level. There were so many opportunities for a wonderful night together. One stroll through this park at night would make any girl swoon (sigh). We ended our adventure here by going to see a movie in the imax dome theater, it had been so long since I had seen one and I felt like a little kid again. It was such a wonderful day. So thanks Balboa, you served us up a good one!! 

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leah mari said...

It's so fun you guys got to go there and that it was such a great day for it :-)