Thursday, June 21, 2012


Shorts buffalo exchange, Shirt pac sun, Tank h&m, Belt thrifted, Shoes zara, Earrings nordstrom, Lips loreal penelope's red

When we were down south, Chris and I went to buffalo exchange to trade in some of our clothes...well a lot of our clothes, six garbage bags to be exact!! For Chris, it was a major success, he walked out of their with a butt load of cash. Me on the other hand, well I got these shorts and enough to cover the shoes and jacket I had bought a few days before. But its alright, I wasn't getting rid of amazing things anyways, mostly the type of clothing that has been in my closet for years, has lost its shape or color and is in desperate need of salvation.
On another note, my hair!! I have been inspired by braid hair-do's and so I whipped this one up for a little party I was attending. It was super easy (if you know how to french braid)
First: part your hair down the middle and french braid two pig tails
Second: Pin the first braid along the nape of your neck, curling the remaining length of the braid back on itself, pinning it directly on top of the first section you just pinned.
Third: Repeat step two on second braid
Hope you try it out!! Let me know if it works for you!!
Happy Thursday everyone!!
I'm off to New York next week to help with a conference
from my church, super excited! Check out the promo video here. Im in it!! No big deal!!
Have a great day!


leah mari said...

Your hair is so cute in this and some day I think you should braid my hair haha

leah mari said...

Also this outfit is so soft and pretty I love it