Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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These shoes have a story...

I have been wanting a pair of leopard loafers for a while now, so when I went looking for a $10 item at kohls to spend my $10 kohls cash card on...I was delighted to find these beauties on sale for $18, so with my $10, they would only be $8!!!
But, much to my regret, I had over exceeded my personal spending budget far too much lately, and I had no money left...not even $8. 
These beautiful...and they were only $8...marked down from $50!!
But I had $0...
So I held those shoes as I looked around the rest of the store, reminding myself that I was only there to find an item for exactly $10...
I thought and debated over and over in my head, the bargain, the deal that I would be getting and how great these shoes would be for the summer!!!
But...I did not have $8 to spend!
And I realize, it is only $8, but I had been saying this for the past month on items that I found in stores. Oh it's only $5, its only $10, such great deals...but then eventually they all added up and I had gone way over my budget and was paying things off several months later:(
So with much self control and a saddened heart I placed them back on their shelf, telling myself that I didn't need them and that it was a good thing to not spend money where I didn't have it...even though it was only $8.
So I left, pretty proud of myself!! Good job Lana, you have such self-control!!!

However, the next day when going over our budget for that month...I discovered that I indeed had a few extra dollars to my name and could purchase the shoes!! Hurahh, see what some discipline gets you...reward!!! Hallelujah!!!

But, the story does not end there.
When going back in to get the shoes, I walked over to their shelf with a little dance in my step. Picked up my size, placed them on the floor and when leaning down to try them on one last time...I spotted something...out of the corner of my eye, I see a shoe box with a yellow and red sale sign on it, and peeking out from inside the box was a pair of peep toe nude heels! Oh my gosh, the perfect spring time heel, the ones that I wrote down on my spring/summer shopping wish list and to my great pleasure, as well as regret, they were marked down to...$11 from $55!!!! FIFTY FIVE. Ahhhhhhhh, why does this happen to me. I literally came in, with the exact, perhaps a smidge less than what I needed to get the loafers and here, in the aisle next to me are these wonderfully beautiful heels, that would be so perfect!!!!
So then began the great debate...yet again, if I should or shouldn't spend money that I didn't have in order to purchase a bargain. How could I pass up a beautiful shoe for only $11?
I turned back and forth in front of the mirror, admiring these perfect pumps, until finally I had an idea, I would buy them with the intention of returning them if I just felt too bad about it by the time I got home.
However, once at home, I told Chris about my dilemma and then showed him the heels, only to have him congratulate me on my purchase and to tell me that they really were as great as I thought that they were!! 
WHAT?!? Aren't you supposed to be mad at me for overspending?? No, the vision of me in these heels was enough for him to encourage my shameless lack of self-control.
So out went my regret along with my intentions of not overspending...I will just have to try again tomorrow!

So now, in my closet, sits both my new leopard loafers and shiny nude peep toe heels and every time I see them I can't help but feel happy and reflect back on how they came to sit in that very spot.
There you have it, the story of the loafer.
I have a pact with myself to no longer enter a store until my funds are back in order, because I seem to have a gift of finding the deals that I simply can't resist.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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leah mari said...

I want to give you 8 dollars jut for entertaining me with this great story hahhaa I love you and your shoes :)