Friday, May 4, 2012


Shirt gift (zara-good job husband), Pants pac sun, Shoes forever 21, Earrings target

One of the things that the husband brought back from his trip to Puerto Rico, this shirt!! Good job lover!! It is so wonderful!! Everything a girl could ask for in a shirt, a soft ivory color, intricate lace, high/low cut and interesting detailing in the back!
I had been holding out on wearing it, I was waiting until the perfect outfit came to mind. However, it continued to sit in my closet, waiting to be exposed, I was just overcome by its prettiness that I was afraid to bring it out of my closet. I was waiting for some special moment to reveal it to the world...however a special moment wasn't coming fast enough and so I realized that I just needed to wear it, on a normal day, doing normal things...and guess what?? It was still wonderful!! It made my day, who knew parading around in beautiful lace could make you feel so good!!
So thank you husband, for not only giving me a lacey shirt, but an all around experience as well!! Let's hope the second time around is just as good as the first!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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leah mari said...

oh good job chris! it looks so pretty on you :) i love it

jillovercomer said...

So pretty! I LOVE the tails on the gorg blouse--unexpected & modern!