Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Shirt target, Pants gift (yard sale), Shoes thrifted, Watch target

The husband surprised me with these pants a few weeks back! My friend gave him a heads up that they were sitting at a yard sale so he drove on over and snatched them up for me...what a good man!!
These, again, are my first at a new style of pant. Only this time harem (first time trying palazzo pants here)
To be honest I had to look up a few pics on how to style them. Because of their fit and shape,  if not styled right, they could make for an awkward body shape.
But I liked what I found and I styled them up for mother's day!
I love trying new trends, branching out from the normal silhouette and trying something different.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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leah mari said...

Yup so cute on you! And paired with that blouse love it!