Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dress forever 21, Shoes kohls (candies), Earrings gift (nordstrom), Sunburn (real bad)

When I originally bought this dress the thing that I was drawn to the most was the color and the detailing, especially the scallop edging along the bottom. However once I got it home I realized that it was a pretty short dress, so I bought a slip that I wore with it to make the length a little more modest...
But, it was our anniversary and I had owned this dress for a couple of years now and I was determined to wear it slip-less. Only to reassure myself of its shortness!! The hubby loved it, but we debated wether or not it would be ok in public... I went over and over in my head only to come to this conclusion. It's my anniversary and if there were ever a day to dress sexy, this would be the day. So I'm gonna wear my short dress and not think too much about it!
And what do you know, I felt great, not one awkward slip or blow of the wind. I felt confident and loved that the dress was able to fully spread its wings and show off its scallops (cause thats what all scalloped dresses dream of right?!?)

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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leah mari said...

Um this is so pretty and sexy!! :) legs for days baby