Friday, April 6, 2012


T-Shirt target, Pants pac sun, Boots h&m, Headband kohls, Watch target

Hey everyone, sorry for the slight absence over here. From Chris (aka my photographer) being away, and him coming home (which meant me spending all my time kissing that beautiful face) to me catching an awful cold...I was a little distracted from my duties as blogger.
But here I am, I'm back!!
I am ready for spring and all its pastels and bright colors.
I have spent way too much money on way too many cute things and I need this weather to stay lovely so that I can venture out in my new attire.
At least these bright coral skinnies are making my days lately. Being bright and cheerful in the gloom of these overcast skies. Thank you coral are dreamy:)

Have a happy weekend everyone!!
One highlight that I am looking forward to, is the event of the year!!!! Going to see Titanic in theaters!! AHHHH!! So excited, I was 9 when it actually came out, so this will be my first time seeing it on the big screen. Kate and Leo, you make me swoon:)
Happy Friday
Thanks for reading

Photo's taken by Miguel Cruz

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leah mari said...

Yay your back :) I hope it gets springy soon too lol