Thursday, April 12, 2012


Shirt gift (zara), Pants h&m, Shoes thrifted, Necklace forever 21, Lipstick loreal-penelope's red

I'm wearing leather pants, lets embrace that fact and move on shall we???
I live in small town and obviously these pants were a little too much for public! Comments and looks were given, but hey...I'll embrace it, its what happens when you step out of the box that your little town has created!
I have learned to be bold and confident in new looks and try new things. And that anything can be worn if worn with confidence.
So embrace me world, me and my leather pants...ummm what?!?!

Thanks for reading
Happy Thursday!!


Red Fox said...

love it!

leah mari said...

love love it

Unknown said...

Lana I love it. I've been wanting a pair for so long... Haha break our towns box?