Monday, February 13, 2012


Button up thrifted, Sweater jc penny, Pants pac sun, Shoes aldo, Earrings target, Glasses perry ellis

My obsession lately is wearing heels. They have proven to enhance every outfit!! So as of late, I have been keeping my eye out for just the right ones. I recently bought a pair from urban outfitters that I am very excited about. I promise to post about them once they arrive!! They just make every outfit more pulled together. It could be the simplest pieces, but because you are wearing heels, it looks as though you are going somewhere special. So heels, my ladies, are becoming my new best friends!!
As for todays outfit, I was feeling feminine and fifties, with my tie up blouse and shoes. The fifties lady is in this spring, so I guess I was channeling it a little early.
These shoes are great, the heel is nice and thick and not too high, they are so easy to walk in and wear all day.
I do have a tip for wearing is simply to wear them more often. No seriously! The more you wear them the easier they are to wear, in regards to being able to walk easier in them and feeling natural in them. The more that you make them a part of your wardrobe, the more normal they will be to grab as apposed to a pair of flats or boots.
Wear them heels girls. Trust me, you'll love it!!


leah mari said...

Oh this out fits is one of my favorites so far :) I love the shoes and the ruffle shirt with the sweater!

ingamae said...

the heels omgoodness they are AWESOME!!!! PAC SUN has some cute pants i must say! great outfit.