Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Coat forever 21, Sweater macy's, Shirt gift, Pants pac sun, Boots pac sun, Bag aldo, Earrings target

I have come to the realization that when I am feeling a lack in inspiration for getting dressed in the morning, I need to pull out an all black outfit. It has worked for me time and time again! When I'm not in a creative mood, I just can't seem to put something together that looks good, so to avoid putting something on that is complicated and I hate 5 minutes after it is on, I grab all black pieces. Simple and always classy. I always leave feeling satisfied.
So for this morning, leaving the house for a late morning breakfast, I wasn't wanting to look like I just rolled out of bed and so this all black ensemble worked great. Paired with a classic grey trench and a touch of orange, I was pleased with how I looked and felt...it only took 3 outfit changes to realize that this method is tried and true!!

Thanks for reading. Happy Tuesday!