Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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This shirt is normally worn without a sash. It's fit on it's own is great but I wanted to add some shape to it, wearing it with these flared jeans. I went through several belts in my closet only to find that this sash worked best. It's softer than a belt and went better with the flow of the shirt, where a belt seemed to rugged.
I tried something a little different with my hair this morning. It s a hair-do that I have done before, with a bit of a remix.
I started by parting my hair on the side and doing two french pigtail braids. Then in the back I  mimicked the look of wrapping my hair in a headband, but just pinned it with bobby pins instead. If you can french braid your own hair, this is a pretty easy style.

Thanks for reading!!

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leah mari said...

Oh it does look really cute with the sash. And I love how flared pants look on you with you legs for days :-)