Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sweater forever 21, Shirt crossroads, Jeans urban outfitters, Boots target, Leg Warmers your's truly(made them from old sweater sleeves)

For some reason every time I go through my closet I almost always get rid of this green sweater. But its beautiful color, zipper detail and great shape always stop me. I'm so glad it does, because in today's outfit I found it perfect for layering! I am really into layering with longer flowy shirts underneath right now. It adds volume and a unique silhouette to an outfit.
I perfected the right amount of messy today in my top knot. The key is making the ponytail sit straight on top of your head and not having it slicked back, letting the hair bulge at the top and then throwing the rest of it up with some bobby pins.
And these leg warmers I made from old sweater sleeves. So simple. I just cut the sleeves off the sweater, hemmed the cut edge then tapered them to fit my leg. Cheap and easy, love it. And because I am loving over the knee socks this fall, these worked great until I get my hands on some!
P.S thanks Nichole for snapping these pics for me!

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