Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Shirt target, Vest jacob, Pants pac sun, Shoes forever 21, Necklaces various

For some reason this morning, when I couldn't think of what to wear, as soon as I thought of taking it back to basics (deja vu of yesterday) and wearing black, my outfit came together. I love when that happens. I picked out this light layering long sleeve tee and added my khaki jeans and a cream vest on top for a fall feel. My hair is straight and parted down the middle, which always makes me think of my mother in her early years, wearing her big seventies glasses and bell bottoms, channeling the wonder years today.
It was also a great thing to come home tonight and make some heavenly margherita pizza, I'm on a cooking spirt and I hope that it lasts, I'm thus far winning wife of the year award!!!

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