Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Shirt (dress worn as shirt) american eagle, Skirt target, Belt thrifted, Shoes aldo, Clutch thrifted, Earrings target, Lips loreal penolpe's red

We went to a friend's wedding this weekend. It was at the most beautiful ranch!!
I knew it was outside and so I wanted to look fresh and garden ready, hence the wedges, which helped me avoid any awkward heel stuck in grass situations.I have had this dress for quite a while now and don't wear it that often, but when paired with this skirt, it disguised itself as such a delicate and feminine blouse! Which I think I may prefer!!
Even though I melted all of my makeup off in the California heat, it turned out to be a beautiful evening, spent with friends and the different animals on the ranch.
The ceremony was set beneath the shade by a creek so Chris and I snagged some pictures before the ceremony began in (my favorite) a quaint garden swing!!

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dress forever 21, Shoes kohls (candies), Earrings gift (nordstrom), Sunburn (real bad)

When I originally bought this dress the thing that I was drawn to the most was the color and the detailing, especially the scallop edging along the bottom. However once I got it home I realized that it was a pretty short dress, so I bought a slip that I wore with it to make the length a little more modest...
But, it was our anniversary and I had owned this dress for a couple of years now and I was determined to wear it slip-less. Only to reassure myself of its shortness!! The hubby loved it, but we debated wether or not it would be ok in public... I went over and over in my head only to come to this conclusion. It's my anniversary and if there were ever a day to dress sexy, this would be the day. So I'm gonna wear my short dress and not think too much about it!
And what do you know, I felt great, not one awkward slip or blow of the wind. I felt confident and loved that the dress was able to fully spread its wings and show off its scallops (cause thats what all scalloped dresses dream of right?!?)

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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Monday, May 21, 2012


Exciting news everyone!!
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On June 2, 2012
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This weekend Chris and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary!!
We took off, out of town to stay the night at a green hotel. The intention of getting out of town was fulfilled (even though we were only 15 minutes away) we felt like we were somewhere outside of home, getting away from it all. We spent the day at the pool, lounging, reading and for me getting extremely burnt! Lucky for us there was a Harry Potter marathon on TV so we ventured out to a grocery store and bought supplies for an indoor picnic and laid our spoils out on the bed for us to share. We finished the night off at a great restaurant where we wined and dined and chatted the night away in the warm night air as one of our friends DJ-ed on the outdoor patio. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. On the car ride home we were feeling quite pleased with our night that when the song came on, we had to belt it as loud as we possibly could, thanks FUN! "Toni-i-i-g-h-ttt, we are young!!!!"
It was so much fun to celebrate each other and our wonderful marriage. Reminding ourselves that we chose each other and how great that choice really was!!

I love you Christopher, so excited for the many many years to come and growing old together and discovering everything there is to discover about you!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


T-Shirt target, Skirt h&m, Boots forever 21, Watch target

"This simple outfit needs a little kick," I thought to myself when taking a glance in the mirror Wednesday morning. "So why not add some heeled lace up booties?"
Sure thing, and voila, simple outfit turned interesting. Not much accessorizing needed!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Jacket thrifted, Dress sister's bridesmaid dress, Belt thrifted, Shoes kohls, Bracelet thrifted, Purse gift (thrifted), Ring gift

This is what I whore to Chris' student's graduation night.
For some reason I thought that it was a good idea to wear a dark navy blazer on a 90 degree summer's day. Who knows what was going through my head.
Anyways, after many hours of sitting and standing and hugging lots of necks I was overheated to say the least!
However, looking back I'm pleased with the outfit that came out of it.
I went back and forth when getting dressed, wondering if a blazer worked with this dress, or if it dressed it down too much. But in the end I liked the masculinity that it brought to this silky, ombre number

 It was so much fun to see Chris' brother graduate, along with his wonderful lady. My favorite part was watching the different outfits walk across the stage, it was like my own personal fashion show!

And then there were these fine young gentlemen who were too perfect not to snap some pics. I prefer the one in the middle :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Shirt target, Pants gift (yard sale), Shoes thrifted, Watch target

The husband surprised me with these pants a few weeks back! My friend gave him a heads up that they were sitting at a yard sale so he drove on over and snatched them up for me...what a good man!!
These, again, are my first at a new style of pant. Only this time harem (first time trying palazzo pants here)
To be honest I had to look up a few pics on how to style them. Because of their fit and shape,  if not styled right, they could make for an awkward body shape.
But I liked what I found and I styled them up for mother's day!
I love trying new trends, branching out from the normal silhouette and trying something different.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Shirt winners, Cargo Pants forever 21, Shoes spring, Nails essie- a crewed interest

This weekend was a celebrating success!
Graduation on Friday night was so much fun. Seeing all of the students that my husband has been pastoring graduate, I was so proud of them all.
And then to celebrate our mother's for Mother's Day was a blast. BBQ-ing and playing bocce ball in the back yard was a great way to spend time with the family.
I missed my mom dearly (LOVE YOU MOM!!!) and was wishing that I could have been in Canada to celebrate her and spend time with her!!
I'm so thankful for you Mom! Thanks for giving me a life and a family to be proud of.

I hope you all had a great weekend.
I've got one more graduation tonight, where Chris' parents will be walking the stage!! I'm sure many tears will be shed, wherever there is a Cruz, there are tears!
Happy Monday!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Skirt old navy, Shirt lulu's, Belt thrifted, Shoes kohls, Earrings target

Here are the nude pumps that I was talking about in my last post.
What do you think? Were they worth it??

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Mine will be filled with graduations and celebrations, my hubby's students are graduating today, so proud!!!
Thanks for reading